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These Shoes are Effin’ Hot

Posted on: August 11, 2009


Sheesh – I need someone to help me find these shoes…Not replicas or something like it – but THESE siamese shoe/sandals .  I love them, Don’t know where I’d where them, but I love them.  Oh and find me somethin to wear with them too. Thanks (More pics below)

Edited to say: DIZZZAAAAAMMMM!!!! $820 for these shoes…Called Moschino – they just came in today. So I need to raise some funds or sell my soul to the devil for them….SMH!



3 Responses to "These Shoes are Effin’ Hot"

WOW these shoes are HOT!!! I have never seen anything like this before… its kinda sad because my jaws are dropped right now. If I ever see something similar to these shoes, I will definitely GET THEM…ASAP!!!! Very stylish.. I don’t think Solange wore the shoes with the right colors except for the purse, but the SHOES ARE STILL AMAZINGLY HOT!!!!

**Ultimate Team**

From one shoe lover to another I found the shoe after a little Googling: It’s a Moschino Cheap & Chic from their fall 2009 collection. Here’s the blog I found the info on:

I wasn’t able to find it for sale on line either and the Shoeblogger suggests one either purchases at a Moschino boutique or wait for their on line store as it may be available. All info is available in the above link. Happy shoe shopping!

OH YEAH….HOT is an understatement! Wonder what other colors they come in? These would go great with a cute jumper;)

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